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World Pumpkin Capital Celebrates The Great Gourd
October 13–14, 2018 9am to 5pm
Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California
haunted barn

Pirates Furtively Inhabit Haunted Barn at Young Actors Workshop’s Popular Pumpkin Festival Production


2017 is the LAST YEAR for the Haunted Barn at the historic Johnston Barn.
Don’t miss it!

Ahoy, Matey! There be sneaky PIRATES haunting Half Moon Bay! Aaargh. We're in the Johnston Haunted Barn, aye. Not alive. Not dead. We're among the undead, sez I. It was the late 19th century when we seized the barn from that landlubber Johnston. Sure, we were in need of a place to hide out and store our treasure. There is much to be seen, ye scalawags! There be the remains of our Shipbuilder in his shop. Ye'll be seein' Pirates tradin' cannon fire with a Ghost Ship, battlin' over a plundered safe. Aye, there be Treasure but ye must pass through Davey Jones' Locker to get to it, aaargh. There'll be swordfightin' and walkin' o' the plank. There'll be danger and adventure. Beware the Pit beneath the Dungeon! So join with us at the time of the Pumpkin Festival, October 13-14, ya scurvy swabs!

Haunted Barn band of pirates
haunted barn actors

Haunted Barn pirate

haunted barn actors

haunted barn actors

The flow pattern of visitors to the Haunted Barn has been perfected over time, which will allow for much shorter waiting times. Also an optional detour into a more intense experience has been added.

The Haunted Johnston Barn features live (undead) actors from The Coastside Young Actors Workshop alongside audio-animatronic figures, projected and transparent ghosts, intense lighting, sound, and fog effects, and unexpectedly dropping and shwooping objects caused by unseen forces.

The real treat is the young actors themselves, students from grade school through high school trained in the art of improvisation, staying in character, and playing for an audience.

haunted barn pirate girl

haunted barn actors

The theme of each room is based on a script, but the performers are able to interact and play with the visitors' reactions, making each tour a unique experience.  Please note that strobe lights are used in the Haunted House.

The Coastside Young Actors Workshop has been presenting themed haunted houses at the Half Pumpkin Festival since 1990, in various locations. Past themes have included a Haunted School, Haunted Dentist Office, Haunted Toy Store, Haunted Mini-Mall, Haunted Gym, Haunted Laboratory, and many others.

The Johnston Barn is located behind the Historic Jail, at 505 Johnston Street, just one block from the festivities on Main Street, in Half Moon Bay.

The Haunted Barn will be open during the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival, October 13-14 from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

It is considered appropriate for families, however, children under 5 may find the experience too intense.

Admission is $8 per person. Children 3 and under are free. The first 100 kids get a free pirate hat on Saturday, and on Sunday the first 100 kids get a free glow bracelet.

Proceeds benefit the non-profit children's theater group, The Coastside Young Actors Workshop. For more information call (650) 576-4754 or visit www.youngactorsworkshop.org.


Main Street
Half Moon Bay, California

October 13-14, 2018
9am – 5pm