Made on the Coast 2019 Participating Artists

Made on the Coast - Locally Grown, Community Supported Art

Watch this space in early 2020 for MTOC's Call for Entries for the 2020 Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival, sponsored by the Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee.

Made On The Coast booths at Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin FestivalMade on the Coast Locals’ Block proudly announces the 2019 artists participating in the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival, sponsored by the Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee.

Twenty San Mateo County artists have been chosen to participate in the one day pop-up of talented local art during the annual Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival, from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Sunday, October 18, 2020.

These local artists will also have the opportunity to showcase their work at the Half Moon Bay Public Library from Friday October 2nd – 16th in the front lobby.

Local artists include:

Joseph Altwer: Painter
Peggy Bechtell: Photographer
Roxanne Beebe: Bottle stoppers & jigsaw puzzles
Betsy Harms & Christine Bloomquist: Jewelry
Sylvie-Marie Drescher: Locally sourced botanical gifts
Julie Engelmann: Ocean inspired artwork
Julia Ginna: Dog gift baskets
Marilyn Johnson: organic, homemade jams and jellies
Kathleen Martin: Photography
Len Banks & Laura McHugh: Painters
Silvio Modena: Chimes & bells
Stuart Nafey: Photography
Ivania Portocarrero: Painter
Nancy Quickert: Ceramics
Randall Reid: Pottery
Laura & Mark Squire: Portrait photography
Carolyn Tillie: Jewelry
Raymond Wolfgram: Local honey

In addition the Half Moon Bay High School Art Department will be participating and numerous artists, including the potters, will demonstrate their creative work.

The local’s block can be found on Main Street between Mill and Kelly Street on Sunday, October 18th only from 9am to 5pm. We look forward to supporting our local artists and showcasing our talented community members to all who attend.

Further information can be found at or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Artist Bio's

Joseph Altwer, Painter

Joseph Altwer

After graduating from the Florence Academy of Art, Italy in 2009, Joseph worked along side Leo Mancini-Hresko and Marc Dalessio where he was introduced to landscape painting. In 2013 Joseph moved to Barcelona, Spain where he taught drawing and painting during five years at the Barcelona Academy of Art. Together with his interest of nature and understanding of drawing and color, Joseph has been moving from studio painting to working more outdoors. Whether it be a coastal landscape or the fleeting light over a garbage can, he sets out to capture what is in front of him.

Peggy Bechtell, Photography

Peggy Bechtell

Peggy has studied with National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones, as well as Art Wolfe and Franz Lanting. She has gone on photography trips to Alaska and Africa, with Oliver Klink and Doug Cheeseman, and has had instruction with both Jared Lloyd and Doug Gardener, from the TV series "Wild Photo Adventures". She has won awards in many Bay Area photo contests and is a member of the Photographic Society of America and the Peninsula Camera Club. She shoots with a mirrorless Olympus OME-EM-1 Mark II.

Roxanne Beebe, Carving & Painting

Roxanne Beebe
Carving & Painting

Following a 35-year career as a jeweler and award-winning designer, Roxanne returned to her root passions of carving, cooking and painting. Her Pumpkin Bottle Stoppers are sold from Half Moon Bay to Pismo Beach. Her watercolor of a Pumpkin, graced with gold leaf, will be featured at this years Pumpkin Festival as a jigsaw puzzle.

Christine Bloomquist & Betsy Harms, Jewelry, Outlaw Designs Boutique

Christine Bloomquist & Betsy Harms
Outlaw Designs Boutique

Betsy has been doing jewelry since high school and has a passion for semi-precious stones and their spiritual meaning.  Her daughter Christine has been making jewelry as long as she can remember.  Her designs tend towards a western look. She is a full-time teacher and mother of a beautiful daughter and another one on the way.

Silvie-Marie Drescher, Botanical home and gift items, Flora Fauna Art

Silvie-Marie Drescher
Botanical home and gift items

Flora/Fauna is the creative outlet of California-based artist Sylvie-Marie Drescher, and offers handmade home and gift items inspired by nature. Located in Pescadero, CA, on the Slow Coast, one of the most ecologically diverse regions of California, Flora/Fauna’s handmade cold-process soaps, hand-poured candles and art prints are a reflection of the surrounding landscapes.  I attempt to source all of my materials locally and use recycled and non-toxic supplies whenever possible.

Julie Engelmann, Ocean Inspired Art, Waterful World

Julie Engelmann
Ocean-inspired art
Waterful World

Julie Engelmann is a surfer, freediver, and lover of the planet. She specializes in both watercolor and acrylics, often illustrating the beauty of the ocean in a surreal art style. She often uses recycled material, such as surfboards and snowboards, as her canvas. Through her art, she hopes to encourage others toward her compelling mission – to save the ocean and the teaming ecosystems of life beneath its surface.

Julia Ginna, Gifts and treats for dogs, Love Lucky Dog

Julia Ginna
Gifts and treats for dogs
Love Lucky Dog

Julia Ginna is a former high technology public relations executive loving life with her husband of 20+ years, three incredible teens and the family’s two furry four-legged kids. Love Lucky Dog got its start when Julia combined her love for the family’s rescued Golden Retrievers with her sewing and quilting hobby - making fun dog toys with fuzzy, festive fabrics that look good scattered across the floor. Murphy and Charlie may be Lucky Dogs, but Julia thinks the Ginna family are the true Lucky ones to share their Love.

Marilyn Johnson, Local Jams and Jellies, Spread the Love Jelly

Marilyn Johnson
Local jams and jellies
Spread the Love Jelly

For as long as I can remember, I have been making jams & jellies, starting when I was very young on my grandparents’ farm in San Gregorio. My mom would send my brother and me out to pick wild blackberries to make jelly. As a young adult, I ventured out making several different jams on my own or with my friends and there hasn’t been a summer that’s gone by that I haven’t made jam. Now I focus on using only the best organic ingredients; locally farmed and direct from the farmers themselves.

Kathleen Martin, Photography, Kathleen Martin Photography

Kathleen Martin
Kathleen Martin Photography

Landscape and nature color photography images that depict scenes of the coastside from Montara to Pescadero. There are greeting cards and 8x10, 11x14 and 13x19 prints. All are mounted and matted and some are framed. Prints are digital format and consist of acrylic and also wood or plastic. Photos are processed using Photoshop.

Laura McHugh, Encaustic Wax & Acrylics, Artsy Folks

Laura McHugh
Encaustic Wax & Acrylics
Artsy Folks

I would describe my work as the delicate expression of peaceful, loving and provocative ideas using paper and images. I work in encaustic wax, acrylics, oils, lithographic inks and watercolors. I work ephemera into my collage pieces, using bits of found paper such as old magazine ads, postcards and photos, as well as bits from my favorite, the Sunday New York Times Magazine. I make one-of-a-kind prints and monotypes on my Conrad motorized printing press.

Len Banks, Watercolor, Artsy Folks

Len Banks
Artsy Folks

Using the medium of watercolor and most done locally and ‘en plein air’, these scenes are brought to life with expressive strokes and colors.  The light, the flow and looseness, the messiness coming together to create beauty is the way Len has come to see life. Creativity flowing yet not fully in his control reminds him to acknowledge that life is also out of his control. Never meant to be. And yet in the messiness … beauty, light and hope emerge. Len is a long-time resident of the Half Moon Bay coastside.

Silvio Modena, Hand-crafted Metal Bells, I Make Bells

Silvio Modena
Hand-crafted metal bells
I Make Bells

Hand-crafted bells from recycled steel air cylinders. The bell hangers are crafted from reclaimed and handmade materials. I use welding techniques, anvil, torches and a big hammer to create these bells. Customers use these bells in homes, gardens and businesses. I have been crafting these for over 29 years. I do other shows such as the Kings Mountain Art Fair. These bells are sold online and I ship throughout the USA.

Stuart Nafey, Photography

Stuart Nafey

Original photography printed on aluminum. Also 5x7 blank greeting cards with my photographs. I print the greeting cards myself.

Ivania Portocarrero, Painter, IPO Art

Ivania Portocarrero

I began my artistic journey while living in Istanbul, Turkey. I was caught in a snowstorm for several days and boredom drove me downstairs to the Five and Dime where I purchased a brush, a canvas, and some paints. I am a motivated and self-taught painter whose use of color comes most naturally.  When people have purchased my work, they always comment on how my paintings make them happy because they are so bright and cheerful.  Having a positive impact on people comes in many forms and I am so fortunate to share this with others.  As I look toward my future, art begins to present itself everywhere I turn. There are surprises right around the corner that ignite both my joy and ambition.  It is a form of meditation because I always paint with a focus on love.

Nancy Quickert, Ceramics, Quickert Ceramics

Nancy Quickert
Quickert Ceramics

My work is wheel-thrown, slab-constructed, impressed, incised, carved, waxed, brushed, pampered, dipped and fired to 2360 degrees F.  I have been developing my style and craft as a potter in Montara since 1974, teaching children and adults a little, showing in local fairs and shops and striving to make comfortable pots for daily use. The locals' block at the Pumpkin Festival is a fun opportunity to share work with our community and visitors to our community. I look forward to throwing on the wheel again at this year’s festival.

Randall Reid, Randall Reid Pottery

Randall Reid
Randall Reid Pottery

My work is created on the potter’s wheel, and fired in both electric and gas kilns. I make the glazes used on my work. The glazes are food safe and very durable. The decoration on the surfaces reflects the beauty that I am surrounded by. I have been a potter on the coast since 1978. I have shown my work in many festivals including the Pumpkin Festival four times, as well as Made on the Coast since the beginning of the locals' block event. I look forward to setting up a potter's wheel and giving demos during the day. My Process: I create work on the potter’s wheel and decorate the pots with slips, drawing and glazes. The pots are fired in two ways - one is at a stoneware temperature (2200) for food safe items, and the other is in a process known as Raku.

Laura & Mark Squire, Photography, Di Amorosa Photography

Laura & Mark Squire
Di Amorosa Photography

Laura comes from Transylvania, a beautiful region of Romania, and Mark is from Oxford, England. Together they founded a boutique photography studio specializing in contemporary portraits and boudoir. Laura has a passion for photographing women and their loved ones while Mark is obsessed with the quality of the final images. They give you an unforgettable experience, taking care of you at every step of the way. You will feel and look beautiful, and the photographs will speak for themselves!

Carolyn Tillie, Food Inspired Jewelry

Carolyn Tillie
Food-inspired jewelry

Carolyn Tillie is a published author, exhibiting artist, and curator specializing in food as an art form. After obtaining an MFA in jewelry and metalsmithing from CSULB in 1998, she immediately enrolled in cooking school and worked for several years as the catering manager for the L.A. Philharmonic and Opera companies. Adhering to a philosophy of "reclaiming and recycling", Carolyn utilizes throw-away items to give them a new and wearable life in her jewelry. From Japanese vending machine toys to dollhouse miniatures, her gastronomically-inspired jewelry whets the appetite for a whimsical feel. She has written for numerous wine journals and two books, one of the global history of oysters and her most recent book, A Feast for the Eyes: Food Art from Apple to Zucchini, has just been released.

Ray & Kara Wolfgramm
, Local Honey, NorCal Bees

Ray & Kara Wolfgramm
Local honey
NorCal Bees

My wife and I love our Bees! We have bees locally up and down the coast from Tunitas Creek to Pacifica and over the hill from San Bruno to Palo Alto. We offer a lot of specialty honeys like cinnamon honey which has two organic sticks of cinnamon, creamed honey, fresh cut comb honey, and our famous garlic honey with whole cloves of garlic in it! Make sure you stop for a free sample when you are at the Pumpkin Festival.

Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival

World Pumpkin Capital Celebrates The Great Gourd
October 17-18, 2020 9am to 5pm
Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA